THE STORY OF FRIENDS of MUSC Children's Hospital

From the Who We Are Now!

(PICTURED ABOVE: Friends of MUSC Children's Hospital, back row from bottom: Jennifer Hebra, Marina Bland, Amy Davis, Deborah Glazier, Front row from bottom: Tanya Gurrieri, Jeanne Hall, Stephanie Poe, Jennifer Quattlebaum, Laurie Lynn Smith, Sandye Williams)

In the fall of 2009, the Friends of MUSC Children’s Hospital was formed by a group of 11 women who shared stories like these. All of these women have a different relationship or experience with the Children’s Hospital, but they share one thing in common…a passion for healthy families. These women visualized a “grassroots” organization that would be built from a network of people...

"Simply," says Jennifer Hebra, "we're just 'FRIENDS' who are passionate about helping the Children’s Hospital."

Through membership dues and fundraising activities...

Friends of MUSC Children’s Hospital would contribute money back to the various hospital needs, while enhancing community awareness of the exceptional care delivered at the Hospital.

From a vision to reality, the Friends of MUSC Children’s Hospital’s founding group hosted their first “Friendraising” event in the spring of 2010. Inviting their personal friends, the Friends organization grew exponentially overnight and the community awareness started to grow too. The awareness of Friends brought new partnerships and events designed to raise funds for the hospital, and in turn, more new Friends.

Now, with a growing team of active members, Friends looks to what the future can bring – more Friends, more fundraising events, more hospital exposure, more community partnerships, more sponsors, more dollars raised, more healthy children and families.

Today, our network of Friends share all sorts of stories about their experience with the Children’s Hospital. Many don’t have a story to tell, many are not even members, many have suffered great loss, and many just have a conscience to do something for someone else. Friends of MUSC Children’s hospital visualize an organization where all the stories can be told and heard, and a place where a few little Friends can make a huge difference.

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