#1. The Children’s Emergency Department is ranked as the ninth best pediatric emergency care facility in America by Child Magazine.

#2. Our Emergency Department has approximately 20,000 visits annually. Last year, the Children's Hospital had 6,000 admissions and our clinics had approximately 100,000 visits.

#3. We provide all the transplants for children in the State which includes: kidney, liver, bone marrow, and heart. We treat over 60 percent of the pediatric cancer patients in South Carolina.

#4. We are the Heart Center for South Carolina — the only program providing interventional heart cath services for children.

#5. We are the State’s only burn program for children.

#6. Our pediatric Echo program is a national and world leader in specific techniques.

#7. We have the most successful, nationally recognized teen pregnancy program in the country.

#8. Our care is specifically geared for the needs of children and their families. No child, rich or poor, is denied the finest care available. Many are facing serious, chronic, congenital, or life-threatening conditions, yet thanks to this care, they are able to hope for a brighter tomorrow.

#9. We have 161 beds in the MUSC Children’s Hospital: 66 Level II and III, 23 critical care, 22 hematology/oncology, 10 cardiovascular/telemetry, and 40 general medicine and surgical.

#10. The Darby Children’s Research Institute is one of only 15 research institutes in the country dedicated to children’s research. Over the past four years, there were 500 new discoveries, and over $25 million in funded research; resulting in better treatments and care for the children we treat. All of this is made possible through the generosity of private donors, like YOU, in the community, who give unselfishly, knowing their families may never need our help.

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